REVIEW: Dibea F20 MAX Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Dibea F20 MAX Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dibea is a vacuum cleaner brand that has been around for a number of years now. Promising good performance at an affordable price range, the Dibea F20 MAX it the latest flagship vacuum cleaner model from Dibea.

Dibea F20 MAX Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Dibea F20 MAX Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

At just over $200, the Dibea F20 MAX challenges the Airbot Hypersonics in the budget cordless vacuum cleaner category, and costs just a third of the price of the impressive Roidmi X30 Pro that we have also reviewed.

Like the Airbot Hypersonics, the Dibea F20 MAX is a vacuum cleaner that packs a punch despite its low cost.


From the official technical specifications, the Dibea F20 MAX is a decent vacuum cleaner, and manages to keep up with its counterparts in most areas. While we are unable to test for and verify the first few parameters, we were able to test some of the other specifications.

The Dibea F20 MAX weighed in at 2.2kg, lighter than the official weight of 2.5kg. We eventually found that the Airbot Hypersonics weighed the same at 2.2kg. We suspect the official reported 1.5kg weight of the Airbot Hypersonics was measured without the wind tube and attachment. Both are lighter than the Roidmi X30 Pro which weighed 2.6kg.


We set all three vacuum cleaners to run on their highest settings from a full charge. The Dibea F20 MAX was the first to run flat after 10 mins. The Roidmi X30 Pro followed shortly after at around 12 mins, while the Airbot Hypersonics lasted for a full 15 mins before running out of juice. On the lowest settings, all three vacuum cleaners ran close to their official reported runtime.

The Dibea F20 Max came with a simple cable charger to plug in to. In comparison, the Airbot Hypersonics came with a large charging dock that the handle slides in to and doubles as a mount for some of the included attachments, while the Roidmi X30 Pro came with a magnetic wireless charging dock. The use of a simple charging cable instead of proprietary charging docks mean that the charger can be replaced at a low cost if you eventually need to. A separate mounting dock is included if you wish to mount the Dibea F20 Max against the wall while charging.

Dibea F20 MAX mounting hook
Dibea F20 MAX mounting hook
Dibea F20 MAX mounted and charging
Dibea F20 MAX mounted and charging

Dibea was spot on with its 4-5 hour charging estimate. Our unit was fully charged after around 4.5 hours. That was almost 1 hour quicker than the Airbot Hypersonics which took around 5 to 5.5 hours to charge fully. The Roidmi X30 Pro, however, was fully charged after an impressive 3 hours.


In our tests, the Dibea F20 MAX was the loudest among the three vacuum cleaners we tested. The Dibea F20 MAX recording at 72dB on the lowest setting and close to 80dB on the highest setting. In comparison, the Airbot Hypersonics was recorded at 70dB on its lowest setting and 75dB at its highest setting. This was similar to the noise of the Roidmi X30 Pro which we recorded at 68dB and 75dB.


A good filtration system is especially important for the stick vacuum cleaner. In traditional canister vacuum cleaners, the exhaust is usually a distance away from the user. A weak filtration system in a canister system, while annoying, does not pose much of a health hazard to the user. In a stick or upright system where the exhaust is much closer to the user's face, a weak filtration system can potentially direct harmful germs and bacteria towards the user.

We were unable to find any information on the filtration systems for the Dibea F20 MAX. However, we noted that the Dibea F20 MAX uses a washable cotton exhaust filter. Although it is efficient, the cotton exhaust filter is not as effective as HEPA filters that both the Roidmi X30 Pro and the Airbot Hypersonics uses.

Washable cotton filter on the Dibea F20 MAX
Washable cotton filter on the Dibea F20 MAX


The Dibea F20 MAX comes with three power settings. It turns on and off with a trigger power switch, similar to the Airbots Hypersonics. A push button at the top cycles between the three power settings (low, medium and high). Three LED lights indicate the power setting, lighting up in blue on the low setting, purple on medium and red on the high setting. The LED lights also double as battery indicators while charging.

LED indicators on the Dibea F20 MAX

Other than the three power settings, the Dibea F20 MAX is a simple and no-frills vacuum cleaner, perfect for those who do not require any additional fancy features. As Dibea keeps things simple, the buttons on the F20 MAX worked as they should, without the strange quirks found in both the Airbot Hypersonics and Roidmi X30 Pro.


The Dibea F20 MAX comes with the standard floor brush roller, long crevice nozzle and a 2-in-1 bristle brush.

Dibea F20 MAX contents
Dibea F20 MAX contents

Like the two other vacuum cleaners that we tested, the brush roller on the Dibea F20 MAX is an electric brush that spins using the battery power even when the vacuum cleaner is stationary. Powered brushes are great for carpeted areas as the spinning power kicks up dust and debris, allowing the vacuum cleaner to suck up more dust and debris. The brush roller on the Dibea F20 MAX is flexible, with a wide rotation angle or 270° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical rotation. An LED on the front of the brush lights up automatically when the vacuum cleaner is turned on, and there does not seem to be a way to turn it off.

Dibea F20 MAX roller brush with LED light
Dibea F20 MAX roller brush with LED light

The crevice tool that comes with the Dibea F20 MAX is pretty standard on all vacuum cleaners these days, and helps the user reach otherwise hard to reach corners. A 2-in-1 bristle brush is also included, which is suitable for cleaning curtains, car interiors and even air conditioners.

Attachments for the Dibea F20 MAX

An electric powered mattress brush is available as an optional purchase. This was disappointing as a similar attachment came in the box with the similarly priced Airbot Hypersonics.

Unlike the Roidmi X30 Pro, the Dibea F20 MAX did not include a cleaning brush and spare HEPA filter. They also did not include a crevice brush that can be attached to the crevice tool to improve usability. The Roidmi X30 Pro also comes with additional attachments such as the pet brush and water tank mopping module. However, taking into account the price disparity, it is expected that the Dibea F20 MAX come with less attachments.


The Dibea F20 MAX is a powerful vacuum cleaner is probably good enough for the vast majority of home owners. By keeping things simple, the Dibea F20 MAX is fuss-free and easy use, although it lacks a few attachments that came with the other two vacuum cleaners we reviewed. Nevertheless, while the Dibea F20 MAX is still a good buy at this price range, it pales in comparison to the similarly priced Airbot Hypersonics that comes with an additional powered dust mite brush and an innovative automatic mode that detects and dynamically changes the vacuum speed.

The Dibea F20 MAX Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is available from online platforms such as Lazada and Shopee for $229 at the time of writing.